Ben William Matthew Robert Tuck


3rd March 1997, London, England


Sandy, Bedfordshire, England


Motorsport | Music | Skiing


ARDS ‘A’ Race Instructor | University Student

” I am pushing as hard as I can to equip myself with the skills to be the best that I can.  I know how much hard work and dedication is needed to succeed in any area of motorsport and I am ready to put in the effort to prove that I have what it takes. I have the focus and determination needed to achieve my ambition of becoming a world class racing driver, and whatever the challenge, I am ready to push myself, my team and my machine to the limit. “

“I aim to achieve my ambition of becoming a world champion racing driver in two different FIA World Championships.”


Ben’s ambition is to be the best, to do whatever it takes to work harder, to learn faster, to listen harder, to think quicker and to take every possible opportunity to pursue a top flight career in the motorsport industry.

Ben has learned that to maximise the return on any investment, to get the best out of people and equipment, it takes hard work and dedication.