Pro Driver | Performance Coach


Ben has a firmly established reputation as a quality professional racing driver, after several seasons of working with major manufacturers not only in the racing arena but also representing them at events such as the world famous Goodwood Festival of Speed.  He has also built a solid name as a first class coach, leading and developing amateur teammates.

With experience in GT, Prototypes and Sportscars, Ben has been recognised as a BRDC SuperStar. He holds an International ‘C’ racing licence, an ARDS ‘A’ Grade Instructor licence and a Nurburgring Nordschleife permit and has a wide experience of UK and European circuits across both sprint and endurance formats.

Ben fully understands the importance of upholding the values of sporting excellence and brand reputation and of maximising the performance of the team, the car and his amateur teammates.

He has developed a reputation for stamina and consistently competitive performance right from the outset in any new car or at any new circuit. Ben has a natural and intuitive mechanical sympathy and is able to find pace and maximise results even with mechanical and handling issues and has a developed a reputation for concise and accurate feedback during testing.

Ben can enhance and strengthen any driver line up both in terms of dependability and his ability to maximise results for both pro and pro-am crews.

” I am pushing as hard as I can to equip myself with the skills to be the best that I can.  I know how much hard work and dedication is needed to succeed in any area of motorsport and I am ready to put in the effort to prove that I have what it takes. I have the focus and determination needed to achieve my ambition of becoming a world class racing driver, and whatever the challenge, I am ready to push myself, my team and my machine to the limit. “


One of most cost effective way to extract more performance and consistency from racing is to enhance and develop your skills as a driver. Tuition arms you with the skills and confidence to get the very best out of your machinery and is essential to be able to consistently make improvements. Tuition also helps you develop mechanical sympathy, understanding you car better and helping you to develop a feel for its condition and behaviour, which can help reduce damage, wear and tear.

Ben Tuck offers one to one coaching at all levels from novice upwards. He can support you on track and test days, in car and trackside, or at race meetings helping you get the best from your data analysis and to mentally prepare, focus and enhance race craft.

Ben can identify your strengths and weaknesses and then develop a tailor made tuition plan to fit your requirements, from a single day, a weekend or a regular programme of training.

Ben will work with you trackside, in car and also with data logging systems to show you how to conduct logical data analysis to quickly find ways to unlock lap time and make improvements.

Ben can help you implement all the techniques you need to make you a more confident, safer and more consistent racing driver from basic methods to more advanced techniques of braking and throttle control, weight transfer and racing lines, driving in the wet, visual techniques and race craft.

Ben can also arrange and coach simulator sessions, allowing track familiarisation, mental focus training, concentration and vision techniques and repetitive training methods.

My ambition is to be the best, to do whatever it takes – to work harder, to learn faster, to listen harder, to think quicker and to take every possible opportunity to pursue a top flight career in the motorsport industry.


I have learned that to maximise the return on any investment, to get the best out of people and equipment, it takes hard work and dedication.