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Ben Tuck is happy and excited to be working with Torque Human Performance for 2017. Torque provide fitness and nutrition packages for high performance athletes with specific products optimized to the meet the demands of motor sport.

“Torque really know their stuff. They know exactly what high performance athletes need and have plenty of experience dealing with high level sports people. They’re really passionate about improving the performance of the mind and body and how that improves sporting achievement” said Ben.

“It’s a great partnership because often a simple change in fitness routine and diet can give you a big improvement on track. Being fitter, stronger, thinking faster and maintaining higher levels of focus and concentration just maximises the benefit you get from improvements to the car. Winning is about being better than the other driver in every aspect of your game. Torque are helping to make that happen.”

Torque provide tailored fitness and nutrition plans, sports therapy and strength and conditioning training.

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